About The Canberra Writing School
Raison D’Etre

The Canberra Writing School (CWS) is physically based in Canberra, the creative capital city of Australia, but offers courses online which are accessible from anywhere in the world.

Originally established in 2002, we commenced operations by offering writing courses to students at senior high school and other pre-tertiary students locally, but we have since expanded considerably.

We are keen to help writers on their journey and we hope to contribute to the journeys of future published authors – we already have a few on our books! Our sister site: http://www.aussiewriters.com.au  is where we expose the talented writers of the future.

Adult Courses

In 2015 we offer our two popular courses for adults:

  • The Basic English Grammar Course and
  • The Beginners’ Creative Writing Course

These courses are suitable for those who are interested in improving their writing skills, either as a recreational pursuit or professionally. The courses offered here, tend to fill the gap between the academic courses offered in formal educational settings and the very casual recreational courses. Our courses are short courses, but with substance and academic rigeur – perhaps suiting those who do not seek formal qualifications at this point in time, but instead wish to hone their writing skills in meaningful ways.

Student Courses

We have a very popular online course for students aged 15-18 who are keen writers and wish to one day pursue writing further, perhaps as professional writers or within other professions in which writing is an integral component. There are two distinct courses:

  • The Elite Young Writers’ Beginners Development Course
  • The Elite Young Writers’ Advanced Development Course

These courses are “selective”. The students must apply to do the course. The selection is based on their enthusiasm and passion for writing.

We also offer a number of physical courses from time to time.

For more information, check out our “Courses” page.

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