Beginners’ Creative Writing Course

“Improve Your Writing! This Course Will Ignite Your Spark, Inspire Your Passions, And Help You To Write Creatively Like A Professional Writer…”

Who Is The Beginners’ Creative Writing Course For?

This is for you if…

  • you have not written creatively for awhile & need the inspiration to get started
  • you are wanting to improve the quality of your writing for your job
  • you are a teacher and need to be inspired as a student
  • you want to write professionally and need some guidance and feedback
  • you just love writing and want to share the experience with other writers


Modules Included In This Course…

This is a 4-week recreational course taken online.

How stringent is the course?

Well, we sit somewhere between tertiary study and the very casual recreational courses you might take at an evening college. It is a rigorous course – (not just a series of videos like many other courses)- and has been written by a published, professional writer with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, 20+ years of teaching experience and, someone who works on a daily basis with professional writers.

You can expect to spend about five-ten hours a week completing this course. It is quite intensive at times, and lay back at other times. There is flexibility and you can complete the modules at a time that suits you.

By the end of the course, most people report that they thoroughly enjoyed the course and know that they can see an improvement in their writing skills already. many re-enrol in other courses with us, to continue their writing journeys.

Some have gone on to publish! We love that!

Week One: The Nature of Creativity

Module One: Overview

  • The role of creativity in writing
  • What writers have to say about creativity
  • How creative are you?
  • Can you increase your creativity?
  • Creativity Writing Exercise
Week Two: The Nature of Creativity

Module Two: Techniques To Enhance Your Writing

  • Thesis, Unity and Organisation
  • Point of View
  • Show, Don’t Tell
  • Planning Your Writing
  • Power of Metaphor
  • Writing Exercise – Writing Your First Premise – Preparation For Your Short Story
Week Three: Techniques

Module Three: The Writer’s Toolbox

  • The Writer’s Toolbox
  • Common Errors To Avoid
  • The Role of Editing/Refining
  • The World of Publishing – Your Options
  • Writing Exercise – First Draft of Your Final Piece
Week Four: Toolbox

Module Four: The Building Blocks of Writing

  • Words & Their Power
  • Sentences & Sentence Structures
  • Paragraphs – Well Crafted
  • Writing Exercise –Draft to Final -Your Final Piece

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have To Attend “Online” At A Certain Time?

Not at all. We created these courses for busy people. This means that you can log on in your own time, when other pressures are off, and complete the tasks as, and when you can.


How Much Time Will The Course Take?

This varies from individual to individual, of course, but on average about five – six hours per week.


Will I Get Feedback?

Yes, there is a forum for each week, where students discuss the work and topic at hand, and tend to give feedback to each other. The teacher also contributes to this forum. Next to this, you will receive personalised and private feedback on your own writing tasks, as you hand them in.


When Does The Next Creative Writing Course For Beginners Start?

This 4 week course is run once every 6 weeks. Please check the next course date below:

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