Essay Writing Course Yrs 7-10

Date: Friday 22nd January 2016 РOne Day Only
Venue: Belconnen Arts Centre

Essay writing is a skill that is not only critical for the study of English, but it’s also fundamental to almost all subjects studied throughout our education and beyond.

The ability to articulate clearly and concisely our ideas and thoughts, to persuade a reading audience of our thesis and/or stand on a particular issue, can really make a difference to the success that we may experience, not only in our education system, but in professional life beyond the classroom!

This one day “intensive” essay writing clinic will take students through the processes that they need to master in order to write an articulate essay.

The course covers the following:

  • What’s the difference between a poor, medicocre and a great essay?
  • Creating sentences that sing
  • How to craft a great paragraph
  • Words matter
  • Where do you begin when you have an essay topic?
  • The importance of the plan & how to do one
  • How to edit your own work
  • Perfection & planning
  • Practise, practise, practise
  • Exam techniques
  • How to edit your own work
  • How to edit your own work

The students will come away with a notion of what makes a great essay and how to go about the crafting of an essay with substance and quality. An emphasis on planning for success is embedded in every aspect of this course.